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Book this Gender scan | *Saving subject to baby’s gestation in the next 14 days

*Saving subject to baby’s gestation in the next 14 days

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Recommendations for your safety over COVID-19 (Coronavirus) during Pregnancy

Our diagnostic ultrasound services are open and caring for people and we continue to provide our services as a trusted alternative to routine NHS Antenatal diagnostic scans.

We are following all the latest government advice during the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping all our teams updated with information on how to stay safe and protect themselves and customers.

Our priority is to protect our customers, colleagues and local communities.

  • Please wash your hands or use alcohol gel where available when entering and leaving our clinic
  • Only travel on public transport if you need to
  • Maintain at least 2 metres distance between you and anyone from outside your home that you do not normally mix with
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Make sure you, and the people around you, follow good respiratory hygiene by covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately
  • If you have have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please call the clinic to cancel your appointment and seek medical help from your GP, Healthcare practitioner or 111
  • Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider
  • If you need more information, please visit the World Health Organization or Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Ultrasound scanning in Exeter

Having a Gender Scan in Exeter?

It is time to find out if you’re having a little boy or a little girl… What colour does the nursery need to be? A Gender Scan in Exeter, at one of our Babybond clinics, is performed by a fully qualified sonographer from 16 weeks. You can even share the surprise with friends and family by inviting up to 5 guests to come with you for your Gender Scan, or at home with some of our unique gender reveal ideas.

A Gender Scan in Exeter at our clinic is private and 99% accurate. No Gender Scan, no matter who or where it is performed is ever 100% accurate however, we have 20 years of experience in confirming the gender of thousands of babies with a close-to perfect record; meaning you can book your Babybond Gender Scan in Exeter with peace of mind.

Our highly accurate* professional opinion is based on a dedicated protocol and experience since 1998 using 2D ultrasound to show parents the sex of their baby.

*Please note ultrasound alone can never provide a 100% guarantee of the sex of your baby, however our experience in providing accurate gender opinions is the foremost in the UK.

What is included in our Gender Scan in Exeter package?

  • 15-minute diagnostic Gender Scan appointment in our Exeter clinic (compared to less time with competitors)
  • Book from 16 to 32 weeks’ gestation
  • No additional charge for a multiple pregnancy Gender Scan at Exeter (compared to extra costs with competitors)
  • Baby wellbeing check
  • Sexing of baby
  • Gloss photo prints
  • 4DFREEVIEW** of your baby
  • Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE delivery of your scan images and report
  • If your baby will not co-operate on the day of your Gender Scan in Exeter, do not worry, we offer a complimentary rescan*** as we understand that some babies can be shy.
Your Gender Scan in Exeter will last 15 minutes, which includes reception and reporting time. It will be performed by a qualified healthcare professional who will also be checking the wellbeing of your baby. We have successfully performed hundreds of thousands of Gender Scans since Ultrasound Direct was founded 20 years ago.

For the best view possible you can watch the scan on a large screen in front of you, and children are invited to share the exciting news. We will show and explain the view we need to be able to tell the gender of the baby. For some it may take time to see and for others it will be very obvious. If the baby is in a good position, we should be able to perform a 4DFREEVIEW and will try to get some complimentary 4D pictures. You may be lucky to see them sucking their thumb or playing with their umbilical cord – it’s an amazing sneak preview of what your baby will be like when they are finally born.

Please tell the Sonographer at the start of your appointment if you want the gender hidden during your scan: perfect if you are holding a Gender Reveal party! We offer many additional Gender Scan options that parents adore including gender reveal cannons and scratch cards.

Healthcare professional regulated

The Care Quality Commission regulate our services as defined by our senior clinical and medical staff*, who in turn regularly audit our Exeter Sonographers. All of our local healthcare professionals are fully qualified so you can feel confident when you book your Gender Scan in Exeter.

Be assured too, that our Gender Scan in Exeter conforms with current published guidelines for thermal exposure times and mechanical index values so you can be reassured they are within current safety limits for you and your baby.

*The Care Quality Commission requires Company Directors to be “fit and proper persons” for all Diagnostic and Screening businesses.

How to find us for your Gender Scan in Exeter

2nd floor, Pearl Assurance House, 236 High Street, Exeter, EX4 3NE DirectionsTelephone: 01392 491750

More detail on our Gender Scan in Exeter

This scan includes viewing your baby in live 4D from available views at no extra charge. Please note that 4DFREEVIEW is a free option and if your baby’s position is not favourable for aesthetics on the day, we cannot offer a free rescan for this reason.
Our rescan policy for an Gender scan in Exeter

*** Our rescan policy

The quality of your Gender Scan in Exeter is important to us and is dependent on your baby's position. Whilst obtaining the best results on the day, we may stop scanning and ask you to take a short gentle walk in the local area.

If, in our healthcare professional’s opinion, we’re not able to complete the primary purpose of your scan because your baby's position is still not favourable, or the baby’s head circumference measurement shows as less than 16 weeks by our system which allows us to determine the gender of your baby, we will offer you a rescan at a later date. If this is not possible due to your gestation, other options will be discussed with you.
Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE

Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE

Have your scan images sent to you in seconds using Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE Mobile: a safe and secure system for the delivery of ultrasound scan images to your mobile device or email address. Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE uses the latest technology to bring you your scan images in a format that can be saved forever or shared on social media at the touch of a button. Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE is included with your scan at no extra cost.
Appointment times and actual scanning times for your Gender Scan

Appointment times and actual scanning time

As a professional organisation we carefully operate following the As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principle as recommend by the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). This ensures that we use the minimum ultrasound scanning exposure time and system settings to fulfil the primary purpose of the Gender Scan.
Pre scan preparation requirements for your Gender Scan

Pre-scan preparation

We like you to feel as comfortable as possible during your Gender Scan in Exeter. We recommend that you wear a two-piece garment to enable the Sonographer to get to your tummy. If you are less than 20 weeks, we recommend that you drink some water or other clear fluids and do not empty your bladder prior to your appointment.
Guide to the number of guests you can have at your Gender Scan

Guide to number of guests

The number of guests you may bring to your scan varies in each location, in line with local government recommendations. Please check your location here to confirm the number of guests who can attend before booking.

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Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE

Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE

We use the latest and safest technology to transfer your images to your device so you can share them with loved ones as soon as you leave the clinic

Baby Scan offer for Early Scan in Exeter

Early Scan

15-minute appointment to determine viability and identify multiple pregnancies
Baby Scan offer for <i>just</i>Gender Scan in Exeter

Temporarily Unavailable
Please choose an alternate scan
10-minute appointment for sexing opinion, includes Babybond wellbeing check
Baby Scan offer for <i>simply</i>4D Scans in Exeter

Temporarily Unavailable
Please choose an alternate scan
15-minute diagnostic appointment includes baby wellbeing check and prints
Baby Scan offer for 4D Scan in Exeter

4D Scan

20-minute appointment for 4D imaging, growth and weight measurements

Ultrasound Direct are in their 20th year of caring and performing baby scans nationwide

Ultrasound Direct have 20 years' experience in caring and performing baby scans for parents