Ankle and Foot Scan

This scan is to examine the ankle and foot on one side of the body for a range of conditions. This includes assessment of:

  • ankle joint

  • the anterior, medial and lateral tendons

  • the Achilles tendon

  • associated soft tissues

  • musculature

  • bursae (the fluid-filled sacs that reduce frictions between tissues)

  • small joints


Your Ankle and Foot Scan

This scan is performed by one of our fantastic local sonographers with diagnostic scanning experience. The Ankle and Foot Scan can investigate the causes of ankle and foot pain, possible injury or inflammation of the tendons for conditions such as:

  • bursitis

  • tendinosis

  • degenerative changes such as arthritis

  • joint effusions

  • ganglions

  • tendon and ligament tears

  • neuromas

  • fibromas

  • plantar fasciitis

You will receive a clear written report of your scan results, including your next steps – either ‘No Further Action’ or ‘Medical Follow-Up Recommended’. And if we recommend a medical follow-up, we can email a copy of your report to your healthcare provider at no extra cost if you provide their contact details.

For people over 16 years of age.

What you get with Ultrasound Direct

Fully qualified and regulated healthcare professionals

Instant access to your images online

A comprehensive report with recommended follow-up

Friendly and welcoming staff

Preparing for your scan

  • footwear and socks will need to be removed for the examination

Frequently Asked Questions

On rare occasions we are unable to complete the primary purpose of a scan. For pregnancy scans, this may be due to your baby being in a difficult position, or something else such as overlying bowel gas which can obscure the ultrasound image. If this happens, we’ll book you a free of charge rescan so we can try again! The primary purpose is outlined on each scan webpage.

Absolutely! Every scan at Ultrasound Direct is performed by a fully qualified sonographer whose primary interest is your health. All our sonographers are fully trained and appropriately qualified to perform ultrasound scans. Many of our team also work in the NHS locally.

All our sonographers are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and/or the Register of Clinical Technologists and follow the latest safety guidelines.

We are also registered with the Care Quality Commission, an independent regulator, to make sure you always receive the highest possible standards of care. 

All our sonographers who take blood for blood tests are phlebotomy trained.

No, you can book your ultrasound directly without any sort of referral. If you have any concerns about your health, it can be useful to have scan results ready to discuss with your GP to reduce any waiting times. An ultrasound scan appointment with us can typically be booked quickly and allows enough time to ask questions too.

We will give you same day results in a clear written report with supporting images.  Your scan report will advise you if any further steps are necessary. And if we recommend a medical follow-up with your healthcare provider, we can securely email them a copy of your report at no extra cost.

Your GP can refer you to Ultrasound Direct for a scan via our booking system

An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of inside of the body. The sound waves reflect off different areas in the body and are converted into a moving picture to show what’s happening in real-time. We can record this as a video clip (available for free with our 4D Bonding and Premium 4D scans) and take still images from it.

An ultrasound scan can be external, which is when a probe is placed on the skin of the body part. Scans can also be internal, when a probe is inserted into the body. Both types of scan produce the same type of image and mini clip.

Visit our FAQs page for any further questions you may have.