Prolactin Blood Test

Prolactin is a hormone produced in the brain. Prolactin stimulates milk production after childbirth in order to support breastfeeding and reaches very high levels in pregnant and breastfeeding people.


Why prolactin?

Common reasons for this blood test are:

  • To investigate the cause of milky discharge coming from the nipple

  • You are taking testosterone and need to check your prolactin levels

  • You have a condition that involves a higher risk of raised prolactin

  • Your biological sex is male and you want to investigate the potential causes of low sex drive.

Dependent on the results of your blood test, you may require further testing with a healthcare professional.

Your blood test

Our phlebotomy-trained professionals will take a blood sample from you. This sample will be analysed in the UK by our authorised partners, TDL. By booking this blood test, you agree for us to share your personal information with TDL in order to process your test. We’ll make sure you consent to this at your appointment too.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we will send you the results and recommend that you share these with your GP or fertility provider.

It is not unusual for some bleeding to occur under the skin following your blood test and sometimes this can extend a little further around the puncture site.  If this causes you concern, check with your practice nurse. 

Sometimes we cannot get a blood sample from you. This can be for many reasons, such as not being hydrated enough, feeling cold or having another blood test recently. We will always offer you another appointment so we can try again.

Visit our FAQs page for any further questions you may have.