Well Woman Pelvic Scan

For people over 16 years of age


This Well Woman Pelvic Scan is to look in detail at the size, shape and condition of the:

  • uterus

  • womb lining

  • both ovaries

  • pelvic area

From (price may vary in London locations):


Your Well Woman Pelvic Scan

The Well Woman Pelvic Scan is designed to give you an overall idea of your reproductive health by identifying any anomalies. This scan is performed by one of our qualified sonographers with diagnostic scanning experience. The Well Woman Pelvic Scan can help with the detection or exclusion of:

  • fibroids

  • ovarian cysts

  • polycystic ovaries

  • pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

A Pelvic Scan is best performed transvaginally for optimum clarity and results. This means that the sonographer will ask for your consent to insert an ultrasound probe into your vagina. If you choose not to have a transvaginal scan, we may be able to complete the scan transabdominally (by placing an ultrasound probe on the skin of your pelvic area) - but results may not be as accurate.

If you are already under the care of a healthcare provider, do not book this scan. You should discuss any need for a scan with your healthcare provider.

You will receive a clear written report of your scan results, including our recommendation for your next steps. If we recommend a medical follow-up, we can email a copy of your report to your healthcare provider at no extra cost if you provide their contact details.

At your appointment you will be given printed images and your diagnostic report as part of the scan. After your appointment you will be sent a link to the Pim platform, where you can choose to pay to access Pim’s unique features and a digital library of your images and reports. 

Undergoing Fertility Treatment?

Book a Fertility Pelvic Scan instead of a Well Woman Pelvic Scan. The Fertility Pelvic Scan is specifically designed to provide the necessary baseline information and assessment of your pelvic anatomy that a fertility clinic will require.

What you get with Ultrasound Direct

Fully qualified and regulated healthcare professionals

The highest possible image and data storage security

A comprehensive report with recommended follow-up

Friendly, supportive and welcoming staff

Preparing for your scan

  • drink one litre of clear fluid about one hour before your Pelvic Scan

  • do not urinate before your appointment

  • we need to access your abdomen, so please wear an outfit made up of 2 pieces (eg trousers and a top or a skirt and a top)

Frequently Asked Questions

After your appointment you will be sent a link to access Pim, our top-of-the-range image management platform. You will have the option to pay to access Pim’s unique features and a full digital library of your images.

On rare occasions we are unable to complete the primary purpose of a scan. For pregnancy scans, this may be due to your baby being in a difficult position, or something else such as overlying bowel gas which can obscure the ultrasound image. If this happens, we’ll book you a free of charge rescan so we can try again! The primary purpose is outlined on each scan webpage.

Absolutely! Every scan at Ultrasound Direct is performed by a fully qualified sonographer whose primary interest is your health. All our sonographers are fully trained and appropriately qualified to perform ultrasound scans. Many of our team also work in the NHS locally.

All our sonographers are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and/or the Register of Clinical Technologists and follow the latest safety guidelines.

We are also registered with the Care Quality Commission, an independent regulator, to make sure you always receive the highest possible standards of care. 

All our sonographers who take blood for blood tests are phlebotomy trained.

No, you can book your ultrasound directly without any sort of referral. If you have any concerns about your health, it can be useful to have scan results ready to discuss with your GP to reduce any waiting times. An ultrasound scan appointment with us can typically be booked quickly and allows enough time to ask questions too.

We will give you same day results in a clear written report with supporting images.  Your scan report will advise you if any further steps are necessary. And if we recommend a medical follow-up with your healthcare provider, we can securely email them a copy of your report at no extra cost.

Your GP can refer you to Ultrasound Direct for a scan via our booking system

No, we will only discuss your scan appointments or results directly with you. With your consent, we can send a copy of your report and images to your preferred healthcare professional.

We are unable to carry out a transvaginal scan if the client has never been sexually active. We are unable to do this on those who are virgo intacta. In these instances a transabdominal (external) scan only will be performed. You will need a full bladder for this examination.

Visit our FAQs page for any further questions you may have.

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