Ultrasound Direct, Pim Image Scan Store

Meet Pim: Your Scan Image Store

Ultrasound Direct is a trusted healthcare service provider, so we have partnered with the best possible healthcare image sharing standards.

Pim is a top-of-the-range image sharing service that we use to give you the safest and most flexible access to your scan images online. 

At your appointment you will be given printed images and your diagnostic report as part of the scan. After your appointment you will be sent a link to the Pim platform, where you can access Pim’s unique features and a digital library of your images and reports. 

Pim features

  • Exceptional security
    Pim uses the highest level of protection used by banks and financial institutions to protect your scan images and scan report data. This includes encryption, verification, and authentication to make sure that your medical data is protected with the latest security measures.

  • One-stop shop
    Pim will store all your images and reports in one place. This means that if you come to Ultrasound Direct for multiple scans, you won’t have to keep track of multiple links. You can just scroll through the Pim app or your account on the Pim website to see all your images in one place. If you have any other diagnostic tests at other providers that use Pim, you’ll be able to access those in your Pim account too.

  • Cloud backup
    You can access your Pim data whenever and wherever you want by just logging in to your Pim account. So even if you lose your phone, you will never lose your scan images or reports.

  • Real-time updates
    Pim provides real-time notifications. This means you can get instant notifications when your scan images and reports are ready to view.

  • Your health, your choice
    Pim puts you in control of your healthcare. You own your medical images and reports providing a comprehensive overview of your health over time.