Private Blood Tests

Our staff are trained to take blood samples for private blood tests. We offer a comprehensive range of blood test options, so if you need a private blood test that isn’t in the list below contact us to find out if we can offer it.

You can expect your blood test results within 7 working days. Ultrasound Direct will not review or interpret your private blood test results - we recommend you discuss your results with your preferred healthcare provider.

Your blood sample is analysed in the UK by our authorised partners TDL. By booking a private blood test appointment with us you are agreeing to your personal information being shared with TDL solely for the purpose of this test. Your express permission for this will also be asked during your appointment.

If you book one individual blood test we will charge a £30.00 blood draw fee in addition to the listed price. If you call your local clinic and book two or more blood tests, you will not be charged this additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a needle phobia, previous negative experiences with blood draw appointments or you are particularly anxious about your appointment please contact your clinic using the details on the clinic pages and let us know. We can make sure we provide the best possible care for you during your private blood test and keep you feeling as calm and secure as possible.

Absolutely! All our sonographers who take blood for blood tests are fully trained in phlebotomy (drawing blood).

No, we will send you the results and recommend that you share these with your GP or fertility provider.

It is not unusual for some bleeding to occur under the skin following your private blood test and sometimes this can extend a little further around the puncture site.  If this causes you concern, check with your practice nurse.

Sometimes we cannot get a blood sample from you. This can be for many reasons, such as not being hydrated enough, feeling cold or having another blood test recently. We will always offer you another appointment so we can try again.

Visit our FAQs page for any further questions you may have.