Ultrasound Direct Partners

Several healthcare providers refer directly to Ultrasound Direct, because they want the best and most reliable service for their patients. That's what they get from us!

We also partner with several local and national businesses and charities that offer complementary services to our ultrasound scans and diagnostic services so we can offer support to our clients beyond their scan appointment.

TFP Fertility UK

One of the UK’s largest fertility service providers, TFP Fertility UK guarantees industry-leading expertise, care and compassion. TFP Fertility UK refers their patients to Ultrasound Direct clinics across the UK to make their fertility journey as straightforward and accessible as possible.

Future Health Biobank

Giving families the opportunity to store their baby's precious, potentially lifesaving, stem cells. Customers of Ultrasound Direct save £200 on cord blood and tissue banking packages. Terms and conditions apply, see link for details.