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shoulder and ankle pain
MSK ultrasound shoulder image with fluidMSK ultrasound finger image with measurementMSK ultrasound shoulder image

ultrasound helps choose the next course of action

Sports injury, repetitive strain injury and an ageing population with arthritis are just some of the known reasons for the increasing demand for ultrasound imaging of the musculoskeletal areas of the body (especially assessment of rotator cuff injury). As well as being used for guiding needles for intervention, ultrasound can be a very effective "first look" at persistent or severe aches and pains in various joints (especially the shoulder), before using more expensive imaging modalities such as MRI. Lumps, bumps and superficial swellings such as cysts and ganglions can also be imaged with very high resolution. Please note we do not image breast lumps in our clinics.

The Department of Health recently reviewed the impact of Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions in the UK and concluded there are over 200 musculoskeletal conditions affecting millions of people; including all forms of arthritis, back pain and osteoporosis.
Looking at prevalence and impact it is estimated that up to 30% of all GP consultations are about musculoskeletal complaints and GPs have reported that it is the top clinical reason for visits (with musculoskeletal pain the most common presenting symptom). Musculoskeletal disorders are the fifth highest area of spend in the NHS consuming £4.2 billion in 2008/9.
Of the annual incidence of all disorders presenting to primary care, shoulder pain accounts for 1.47% of the UK population. The overall prevalence of shoulder pain in the UK (first time presentations and those recurring) rises linearly with age, peaking at the age of 50 years and shoulder pathology is the third most common musculoskeletal disorder after back and neck pain. 4.2 million sick days are lost each year as a result of upper limb disorders In the UK.
A retrospective analysis of MSK ultrasound referral rates in a particular hospital found that ultrasound of the shoulder was the most common MSK referral followed by general lumps and bumps. The most common referrals for lumps was associated with the neck and breast (the latter of which is not suitable for our self-pay private ultrasound services; all breast lumps should be evaluated at a breast clinic).

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