babyDATE™ Scan




13 to 16 weeks

Available to women from 16 years of age.

Private ultrasound dating scan optimized for fast results, ideal if you would like to reconfirm your dates following your 12 week scan. We recommend that you present your results to your healthcare professional whose contact details we take at the time of booking. Your choice of a free rescan may be appropriate if we are unable to perform the primary purpose of this scan.

All scans are performed by a qualified Sonographer with diagnostic obstetric scanning experience.

What does this scan include?

Determination of fetal gestation, dating of your pregnancy, single or multiple pregnancy confirmation using ultrasound between 13 - 16 weeks gestation, no sexing. Includes:

  • 10 minute diagnostic appointment
  • Standard dating measurement
  • 2D ultrasound b/w prints in sleeve

Antenatal services similar to our babyDATE Scan maybe available for free at your local NHS facility.

Pre-scan preparation

Need to expose abdomen so ideally wear 2 piece garment i.e. trousers or skirt and top.

Drink 0.5 Ltr (1 pint) clear fluid approximately 1 hour before appointment time.

Please do not empty your bladder before the examination.

Guide to number of guests

Whilst guests are always welcome, the shorter duration of our Fast Result Scans means we cannot accommodate more than 3 plus yourself during the whole of your appointment.

40 Week Guide

Dating Scan


We also offer a more comprehensive Dating scan from 12 weeks

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