Musculoskeletal - Elbow and Forearm

£ 90.00 Inclusive of all fees

This scan is available to men from 16 years of age. (See the equivalent scan for women here)

The purpose is to examine the elbow for a range of conditions. This includes assessment of the joint, the flexor and extensor tendons, muscles, ligaments, bursa and soft-tissue swellings.

Common examples for having this ultrasound scan are to investigate the causes of elbow pain, possible injury or inflammation of the tendons for conditions such as tennis and golfers elbow, olecranon bursitis, tendinosis and degenerative changes such as arthritis.

Mens Musculoskeletal Elbow and Forearm Ultrasound Scan Example

Pre-scan preparation

For elbows please wear loose clothing that will expose the elbow joint for the examination.

The opposite side may need to be assessed for comparison.

Why choose to have an elbow scan?
The most common causes of pain in the elbow are due to overuse injuries, often associated with repetitive movements. Overuse injuries of the elbow result in either medial or lateral tendon inflammation or damage, otherwise known as tennis or golfers elbow, or lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis.
However, it is not only repetitive sport movements that cause these injuries with many recurring day-to-day mechanical movements resulting in the same symptoms.
Ultrasound can also evaluate the bursae of the elbow, nerves, bony surfaces, ligaments, tendons and musculature. Please also see wrist and hand ultrasound scan if you have symptoms in those areas.

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