high definition ultrasound

enough to make anyone smile

Our Babybond® 4D scans make people smile everyday. We've done this hundreds of thousands of times with 4D ultrasound since 2003 (we actually started doing it with 2D ultrasound in 1998, but that's another story).

Our stunning ultrasoundHD™ - a unique combination of GE Healthcare's Voluson HDLive and Babybond knowhow - continues this ethic. Stimulating and nurturing the bonding emotions felt by parents with their new baby every day.
Our founding principle of constant innovation and reinvestment means we already have the largest HDLive system fleet and choice of 4D scans in HD available for you across the UK. This story of reinvestment is also continuing.

You can easily find which of our clinics are ultrasoundHD enabled; just look for the HD logo in the balloons on our clinic locations map or the "HD scans available at no extra cost" symbol on your local clinic's contact page. There's also a list of regions and HD clinics below.

Did you notice that? Our 4D scans are the same price in High Definition as they are in Standard Definition. Bet that made you smile.

ultrasoundhd clinic mapultrasound hd face close up4d hd same cost as standard 4d

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