Boy or girl? The secrets a gender scan can tell you

Baby Gender Scan
Finding out what sex your baby is a momentous decision and many parents say it helps them bond with their baby and prepare for the birth.

Just knowing whether you are expecting a boy or girl can help with important practical preparations, such as shopping and decorating, as well as help siblings get used to the idea of having a new baby sister or brother. But knowing your baby’s sex can help you emotionally too – if you’ve been longing for a boy or girl to complete your family for instance, and find out you’re having another baby of the same sex – then a gender scan will give you the information you need to adjust and prepare.

Should I find out the sex of my baby?

This is obviously a very personal decision, not everyone wants to know of course, but equally the reality is others just can’t wait nine months, given that the choice is now available, thanks to ultrasound technology.

If you’re the type of person who likes to know what’s in store and be in control – then finding out what sex your baby is, is probably right for you. Equally, if you love surprises and the excitement that comes with it, then this is one secret you don’t what to know in advance. This all applies to your partner too.

What type of gender scan is available?

Opting for a private gender scan is becoming a more popular choice for today’s parents-to-be, as some NHS hospitals still have a policy of not revealing the sex of babies to parents. But there’s a lot of variation in the quality of what’s on offer privately. Some companies will just offer a gender scan alone with no other tests or developmental measurements or checks, but others, such as Ultrasound Direct will offer a more comprehensive package or offer gender sexing as a complimentary element to other scans they offer (for example, Ultrasound Direct offer free gender sexing with their Anomaly scan, Growth scan, Presentation scan, 4D baby scan and simply4D scan).

It’s worth saying though, no gender scan can always be 100 per cent accurate, a lot depends on the skill and experience of your sonographer – another reason for opting for a company such as Ultrasound Direct with a dedicated protocol, skilled obstetric sonographers, and 20+ years of experience in this highly-specialised field. The company’s gender scans have been performed hundreds of thousands of times and remain the most popular in the UK. 

Ultrasound Direct have over 80 private clinics in the UK, so the likelihood is that they can provide a private baby scan near you, at a time that fits in your other commitments.

What to look for in a gender scan

  • Ultrasound Direct gender scan is performed between 16 and 32 weeks gestation (you must measure at least 16 weeks on their measurement system for the scan to be done, if you are less than 16 weeks you will be booked for a rescan at a later date)
  • Ultrasound Direct’s gender scan includes not just the sexing of your baby (based on the sonographer’s expert opinion), but a full 15-minute diagnostic appointment, which measures fetal movements and heartbeat, and includes a wellbeing checklist.
  • When your baby’s position is not ideal, Ultrasound Direct sonographers will ask you to take a short walk to encourage the baby to move, but if it doesn’t switch to a good position for assessment, you will be offered a free rescan on another date.
  • As part of the package you will be given 2D ultrasound black and white prints, plus a 4D Freeview with 3D ultrasound B/W prints in a sleeve, Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE delivery of your scan images and report.

What PARENTS SAY about Ultrasound Direct

Ultrasound Direct actively obtain verified customer reviews and feedback on all of their services. The company they use to capture the verified reviews is TrustPilot, one of the world’s leading review aggregators. Ultrasound Direct cannot influence the reviews collected and welcome open and honest feedback from their clients. TrustPilot actively collect daily reviews from Ultrasound Direct clients and have currently more than 20,000 on record.

Here’s a snapshot of what clients have been saying about their service:

‘Lovely staff’ “Lovely staff, highly recommend, large tv screen to see our baby and lots of scan photos!”
Adelina Cani

‘Excellent Service’ “Attended the babyscan clinic for a gender reveal scan. I was delighted with the whole experience and the staff were so friendly and welcoming. Would definitely recommend.”
Hayley McG

‘Great Experience’ “The staff are lovely. This is our 3rd baby and we've had previous scans for both our previous pregnancies. The receptionist recognises us every time we come in and asks about how we're getting on, makes you feel like the staff really care about you and your family. They are always so nice and professional. During the scan they make an extra effect to make sure you have a brilliant experience and we have always gotten beautiful scan photos. Overall, I love this clinic and the staff and I'm planning on going back for another scan, the 4D scan. I would always use this clinic for my scans and would highly recommend them to anyone who's wanting a scan of their baby.”
Nicole Taylor

For more information on gender scans go to Ultrasound Direct