Babybond® 4DFREEVIEW™ option

4DFREEVIEW™ is a No Cost Option available from 12 weeks with our Dating , NIPTNT , Anomaly , Growth , Presentation and Gender ultrasound scans. We’ll show you your baby in live 4D from the Available Views* during your chosen scan with us and you’ll receive thermal b/w 3D scan prints to take home: £FREE.

Not sure if 4D scans are for you? Take a look at 4DFREEVIEW™

A core value of the Babybond® service

Going for a 4D scan may seem daunting, not just from a cost perspective but also an apprehension about what you might see. For 5 years before 4D was introduced, a core value of the Babybond service was to allow parents to see what they wanted during their pregnancy scan. Our 4DFREEVIEW™ option simply extends this core value and removes any uncertainty about 4D imaging. View the 4D image on each of our scan pages from 12 weeks to see what babies look like in 4D - but remember, none of them will look exactly like yours!
You can add any of the following extras to your 4DFREEVIEW™:

  • 3D scan colour image keyrings - £5
  • 3D scan colour image gloss prints in sleeve - £5
  • Babybond® 1GB USB memory-stick of 3D still images (jpeg format) - £10

Looking for a movie clip with your 4D scan? See our diagnostic appointment 4D bonding scans here ...

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*Available Views:

Please note that 4DFREEVIEW is a free option with our extended diagnostic appointments and not the primary purpose of the scan. We are therefore unable to extend appointment times or offer free rescan options solely to enhance 4DFREEVIEW aesthetics if your baby’s position is not ideal at the time. If you would like these additional facilities in your appointment please see our 4D scans here ...

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