GP referral for private scan - how it works

Your GP can refer you to us for a private self pay scan using the simple download form. The following background information is for your GP or other health care professional on how our processes work for providing private ultrasound scans:

"a wide-area private sonographer network"

Our goal is simply to provide you, as a GP, with a reliable alternative referral path when prioritising in your practice. Our services are first-line with clear "No Further Action" or "Medical Follow Up Recommended" outcome results with supporting images. Your patients, who are seeking urgent reassurance, benefit from rapid access, affordable private scans with results on the day*.

As you would expect from any CQC registered provider, we only employ experienced qualified health care professionals and equip them with “high-end” performance ultrasound systems for the best imaging results. Uniquely, we have also developed a secure web application that provides:

1 - Secure online choose and book

2 - Online scan reporting from even the remotest scanning locations

3 - Web based clinical protocol QA across our network

Together these form the basis for our robust clinical framework and means that we maintain consistency of service across a wide area Sonographer network.

Most of our health care professionals work for us on a session basis in addition to their NHS work and get professional satisfaction from the extra time afforded to each of our clients. We feel this is an ethical way of employing valuable health care professionals whilst offering patients greater choice. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Also, you can download and print a referral form now.

* Unless your patient requires a rescan or their ultrasound needs combining with a blood test to provide a result - see details in each scan description.
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