Musculoskeletal - Hip & Upper Thigh

£ 90.00 Inclusive of all fees

This scan is available to women from 16 years of age. (See the equivalent scan for men here)

The purpose is to examine the hip joint and upper thigh for a range of conditions. This includes assessment of the joint, the adductor tendons, muscles, ligaments, iliopsoas and trochanteric bursae and the hip joint.

Common examples for having this ultrasound scan are to investigate the causes of hip pain, possible injury or inflammation of the tendons for conditions such as bursitis, tendinosis, degenerative changes such as arthritis, hip effusions and labral tears.

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Women Musculoskeletal Hip and Upper Thigh Ultrasound Scan Example

Pre-scan preparation

For hips please wear loose clothing that will need to be lowered to expose the hip joint for the examination.

The opposite side may need to be assessed for comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose to have a hip scan?

Hip Pain can affect both younger and older adults for various reasons.

In the younger adult, this may be due to a sporting muscle injury, laxity of the tendons or joint, nerve irritation, snapping hip, bursitis and ligament strains. Degenerative and arthritic changes are more common, but not exclusive, in older adults. While labral tears, hip effusions and bursitis are common to all age groups.

Ultrasound proves to be a good diagnostic tool in the assessment of the hip joint, surrounding connective and soft tissues.

What if my pain is in the lower leg?

As part of the hip scan, we will evaluate the upper thigh, but if your pain is localised to the knee, ankle or foot, then we have further scan options that can assess these areas too.

Please check our ”Knee, Ankle & Foot MSK Scans”

Are your sonographers qualified?
Yes. All our sonographers are fully trained and qualified to perform ultrasound scans and many of them also work in the NHS locally. Scans with Ultrasound Direct will always be performed by a qualified professional whose primary interest is your health. All our sonographers take care to follow the latest safety guidelines and are registered with the HCPC. We’re also registered with the independent regulator the Care Quality Commission to ensure the highest standards possible.
What if I get bad news during my scan?

In the event of unexpected findings: we will offer clear advice on the next steps available to you and will offer to contact the local hospital on your behalf.

Should you receive bad news in your scan you are welcome to take time in private in our clinics to process the news and gather your thoughts before leaving: we never want you to feel rushed.

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