Jan '16 – Further 3 clinics opening in Mothercare stores

Jan Ultrasound Direct is opening a further 3 Babybond with Mothercare scanning centers including the first in Scotland offering a full range of private antenatal scans* including 3d/4d scans and a select range of private women’s health scans.

The opening of 3 new clinics in Oxford, Leamington Spa and Coatbridge, Scotland takes the total located within Mothercare stores to 11 in the UK. In addition, a further 2 Ultrasound Direct clinics opening in Blackpool and Bourne End take the total to 75 across the UK, all offering affordable 3d/4d and gender scans from healthcare professionals.

The latest antenatal screening for Down syndrome services such as NIPT and NT are also available in Oxford, Leamington Spa, Coatbridge, Bourne End and Blackpool.

Amongst other innovations, the Company pioneered the concept of extending a diagnostic pregnancy scan appointment to allow time for parental bonding and further reassurance and thus created the Babybond® brand. Ultrasound Direct also leads the field with technology for booking and managing ultrasound appointments online, allowing clients to buy their ultrasound scan directly as part of a recognized clinical pathway.

Appointments for the new clinics will be available via the online booking system or by phone enabling clients to choose and buy appointments instantly, 24/7.

*The equivalent babyDATE, NT and / or Anomaly Scans maybe available for free at local NHS facilities.
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