December '04 - Window on the Womb for Diagnostic Reassurance.

December Mother and Baby, the UK's most popular and respected magazine for new parents, has invited Babybond® to contribute to its article clarifying the benefits of ultrasound scans during pregnancy.

In the last year, many companies have set up in the UK claiming to offer "Baby Bonding Scans", a term coined by Babybond in 1998.
Unfortunately, some of these companies are set up by non-healthcare individuals and do not include any diagnostic element in their service.

In a move to clarify the benefits of pregnancy scans for its readers, Mother and Baby magazine has invited various reputable pregnancy scan providers to contribute to its Window on the Womb article that describes the clinical reasons and real life experiences for each type of pregnancy scan.

Babybond is pleased to contribute to the article and is seeking ways to obtain external quality assurance processes in a move to distance itself from "non-diagnostic scan" providers.

Meanwhile, Babybond continues to grow its range of professional scans for pregnancy.
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