4D Bonding Scan




24 to 34 weeks

Available to women from 16 years of age.

Babybond® 4D bonding scans are the original and most popular in the UK. We've successfully performed hundreds of thousands since 2003. 

Many new parents seek reassurance that their baby's growth is checked by a healthcare professional during a 4D scan, so we include a growth report and estimated fetal weight as well as beautiful 4D ultrasound imaging. 

We can show you the sex of your baby too, but if you don't want to know, we can keep things hidden. 

Your choice of one free rescan is included if your baby’s position is not favourable on the day.

All scans performed by a qualified Sonographer with obstetric ultrasound scanning experience.

40 Week Guide

What does this scan include?

Production of 4D scan imaging and verification of fetal growth and estimated fetal weight, between 24 – 34 weeks gestation (20 – 26 weeks for multiple pregnancy).


  • 20 minute diagnostic appointment
  • Babybond wellbeing checklist
  • Growth report with fetal weight estimation
  • Complimentary sexing of your baby if requested
  • 2D and 3D b/w taken throughout your scan in sleeve
  • Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE delivery of your scan images, mini-clips and report

Have your scan images sent to you in seconds using Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE Mobile: a safe and secure system for the delivery of ultrasound scan images to your mobile device or email address. Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE uses the latest technology to bring you your scan images in a format that can be saved forever or shared on social media at the touch of a button. Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE is included with your scan at no extra cost.

Colour 3D keyrings and extra prints

Let us know during your scan if you would like to buy keyring or more colour prints:

  • 3D scan colour image keyring - £5.00
  • 3D scan colour image gloss prints in sleeve - £5.00

Choice of free rescan policy

The quality of your 4D scan is dependant on your baby's position. Whilst obtaining the best results on the day, we may stop scanning and ask you to take a short gentle walk in the local area. If your baby's position is still not favourable, you are entitled to ONE COMPLIMENTARY RESCAN appointment.

4D movie recording lengths

Recording length and the number of movie clips, appointment times and actual scanning time.

The number and length of each movie are determined by your baby’s position on the day and compliance with professional safety guidelines. 

We therefore operate the As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principle i.e. we use the minimum ultrasound scanning exposure time and system settings to fulfill the primary purpose of the scan and always endeavor to provide you with a satisfying and varied amount of recordings on the day. 

Appointment times include acknowledging informed consent to the scan, the appropriate pre and post scan advice being given to you where necessary as well as the actual scanning time on the couch.

Guide to number of guests

Most clinics can comfortably accommodate 5 guests including children for this scan. If you would like to bring more, please contact your chosen clinic when booking to check how many we can accommodate.

Pre-scan preparation

Need to expose abdomen so ideally wear 2 piece garments i.e trousers or skirt and top.

A full bladder is not normally required for this scan.

Frequently Asked Question

Why choose to have a 20 minute 4D bonding scan appointment?  


This 20 minute 4D scan is available to book from 24 to 34 weeks.

With this longer appointment, you get the added reassurance of a growth measurement report with estimation of your baby's weight included.

Also on a few occasions at these earlier and later gestations, your baby's size and position may mean 4D imaging takes a little longer for aesthetically pleasing results.

Your baby's position, gestational age and maternal BMI are just some of the key factors for obtaining aesthetically pleasing 4D imaging during your scan. If your baby's position is not favourable on the day, you'll have the option of a free rescan.

Are 4D baby scans considered safe? 

The HPA published a report in February 2010 and considers that parents-to-be should be aware of "uncertainties regarding ultrasound imaging....." when thinking about 4D scans.

All of our 4D scans are professional guideline compliant as reported in our news item from January 2013.

What is the difference between diagnostic and non-diagnostic scans? 

Any pregnancy scans referred to as "non-diagnostic" should be avoided.

It implies that the (diagnostic) ultrasound equipment is not being used in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines, that the person operating it may not be a health care professional or following their duty of care requirements (i.e. ignoring any incidental findings), may not be professionally insured and are ignoring the fundamental safety guideline set out by the DoH in the UK.

All of our pregnancy scans include a minimum of a well-being check, are carried out by health care professionals who will act upon their duty of care with incidental findings and who can write clinical reports.

Our ultrasound systems are sourced through official channels and are set-up and operated to the manufacturer's guidelines.

What if my scan shows something is wrong or I need help after my appointment? 

Very rarely, there may be a problem that is totally unexpected and we are the bearers of bad news.

Never easy to hear, we will ensure you have the time, support and a plan of care arranged. We will continue our course of support for as long as you need us.

If you become concerned about any aspect of your scan, the images and recordings you have taken home or you wish to make a complaint, you can contact the clinic where you had your scan and our staff will discuss any concerns that you may have. 

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Ultrasound Direct toMOBILE

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