Why Choose Babybond Scans for your Pregnancy?

Established in 1998, Babybond® is the largest and most trusted brand for private pregnancy scans in the UK.

There are many good reasons why you can trust us to put the health of you and your baby first. 

Our Babybond® Guarantee 
We’re committed to offering only the highest standards of care to all our clients by ensuring your scan is carried out by a qualified health professional, who follows the latest safety guidelines. We don’t offer non-diagnostic 4D scans purely for entertainment and we’ll never recommend unnecessary scans. 

High standards of clinical care 
The independent regulator the Care Quality Commission who monitors our standards of clinical care has inspected and rated our services as meeting national standards. As much as 96% of 17,731 clients recently surveyed were positive about the care they received from us. 

Convenient locations 
We have clinics in community based locations you can easily reach. A number of our clinics are found at local Mothercare branches for instance. 

Award winning booking system 
Our secure online appointment booking system makes it easy to find an appointment that suits you. It will calculate the best day for your appointment based on the date of your last period, or number of weeks of pregnancy, and synchronise this with the available appointments. 

Free 4D imaging included with certain appointments 
You can choose to have a 4D imaging at no extra charge if you’re already having one of the following scans: a dating, NIPT, NT, anomaly, growth, presentation or gender scan. 

Clinical Assistant 
At your appointment, you will typically be cared for by a healthcare professional and a Clinical Assistant. Your Clinical Assistant will welcome you to your appointment, guide you through the informed consent before your health scan, take bloods if your appointment includes this and make sure you feel relaxed and looked after throughout your time with us.

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