Why use Ultrasound?

Fast, affordable, safe and portable, this wonderful diagnostic imaging modality makes a positive impact on people’s quality of life everyday. And, when used by the correct professional in the correct way, it poses little or no risk of adverse effects.

Whether measuring the cardiac output efficiency of the heart, making images of the unborn child and checking they are growing as expected, revealing gall stones, indicating the potential risk of a stroke or assessing the extent of a sports injury, these examples are still just a fraction of the many applications ultrasound is currently being used for.

Sonographers - skilled health care professionals

The skilled ultrasound practitioner will obtain a result within minutes and the patient feels little or no discomfort. Whilst some scanning takes place in a hospital, more and more ultrasound scans are being provided in the community or “closer to the people”. Millions of ultrasound exams are already carried out in the UK every year, most of them within the NHS. And, as the demand for this ubiquitous modality increases, Ultrasound Direct is pioneering safe, alternative methods for people to get easier access to this useful form of medical imaging.
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