Ultrasound Directs accreditation to deliver the best care for patients

You're in safe hands

Ultrasound Direct understands that you need to know you can trust in the company you choose to book your ultrasound scan with. As part of our dedication to providing the best service possible we work closely with and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England. We also actively gather reviews with TRUSTPILOT to give you a true reflection of the level of service you can expect from Ultrasound Direct.
Ultrasound Direct are independently reviewed by Trust Pilot
All of our customers, no matter what their ultrasound scan results, are invited to review their experience with us after their appointment. TRUSTPILOT’s ‘Verified Reviews’ system means our ratings can only be influenced by authentic customer feedback, so you get a truthful overview. So don’t just take our word for it: read our TRUSTPILOT reviews. We started collecting reviews from patients like you at the end of 2017, and what a testament it shows!

What are ‘Verified Reviews’?
All customers who undergo an ultrasound scan with Ultrasound Direct are invited to review their experience on TRUSTPILOT. These experiences and testimonials are verified by TRUSTPILOT to confirm they are real and written by a customer who was seen at an Ultrasound Direct clinic. 

‘Verified Reviews’ on TRUSTPILOT are 100% authentic and cannot be faked, meaning that whether it’s positive or negative: you can trust that you are getting an accurate representation of other customer’s experiences with Ultrasound Direct.
Ultrasound Direct CQC regulated
As a healthcare service provider, Ultrasound Direct Ltd and Ultrasound Direct franchises across England* are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

The Care Quality Commission exists to ensure health and social care service providers, from hospitals and care homes to ambulances and private healthcare clinics, operate to the highest standards with the welfare of customers and patients at the heart of everything they do.

The Care Quality commission’s values of excellence, caring, integrity and teamwork are key to Ultrasound Direct as a business: regulation and inspection by the Care Quality Commission helps us to track our continued high standards whilst also showing you that you are in safe hands when you book your appointment with Ultrasound Direct.

Note: the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspects healthcare services in England only.

* Scotland only - those locations which employ Registered Midwives are inspected Healthcare Improvement Scotland

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