Oct '16 – The Babybond® Guarantee is introduced at the Baby Show Olympia

Oct During 2016 many healthcare amateur led ultrasound businesses have started up and are advertising 4d baby bonding scans and 99.9% accurate gender scans.

Despite having no expertise in running diagnostic medical ultrasound services, "healthcare amateurs" claim to offer the same services as Babybond and are using the trade mark and copyright for their advertising.

In reality, amateur led baby scan businesses are risking the unborn child with the entertainment scans they provide by ignoring safety warnings about the inappropriate use of ultrasound. 
To protect prospective clients and help them choose an ultrasound scan from a health care professional led company, Ultrasound Direct have created the Babybond® Guarantee:

The Babybond Guarantee

In addition to offering this guarantee, Ultrasound Direct is now actively working with the regulator and professional bodies to help identify inappropriate use of ultrasound and misleading claims by amateurs about being guideline compliant.

That’s Entertainment?

There are a number of risky practices carried out by amateur providers who sell "non-diagnostic entertainment only scans" as shown in our graphic:

The Health care amateur

Hard sell, not healthcare.

Healthcare amateur led businesses use perpetual deals to hard sell “entertainment only” scans where pregnant mums can buy as a group on discount websites. Some new mums even encounter sales people pushing trinkets on them whilst they are still being scanned on the couch in "studios".

The professional approach.

The Ultrasound Direct approach is always to put health and wellbeing first, which of course can only be achieved with healthcare professional leadership. "We’ve always found this is the best way to nurture the parent to babybond with ultrasound services". 

As the leading provider of private pregnancy scans since 1998 and as a healthcare service provider, Ultrasound Direct has a wider duty of care to promote safety and best practice and to keep the public and regulator informed.
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