Oct '14 - ultrasoundHD™ now available in 18 clinics

Oct Continuing the philosophy of reinvestment and further increased service value for customers, Ultrasound Direct adds another 5 ultrasoundHD systems to it's fleet.

The brand new systems, purchased from GE Healthcare with HDLive technology, have been installed in Cambridge , ChesterGatesheadMaidstone and Stockton ultrasound clinics.

Ultrasound Direct's decision not to charge customers a premium for this latest imaging technology and to make it available on EVERY SCAN OPTION has been very well received. Many people are now choosing to travel that little bit further for the unique combination of high tech and the UK's most experienced provider. It has proven particularly popular with the Babybond® Pregnancy Scan services.

Ultrasound Direct will continue reinvesting in ultrasoundHD™ for its system fleet and is developing further web technology in 2015 that will radically change the independent provider industry.
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