January '12 - More Choice with Babybond® 4D Scans.

January With the 4D Growth Scan at a new lower price point, clients between 24 and 32 weeks (20 - 26 weeks for multiple pregnancies) can choose on the day to "mix and match" take home items as they like without making the decision when booking.

4d scan extras include such things as Babybond-Memories-Stick USB drives, DVDs, colour key rings, further colour images and CD-ROMs.

This helps clients tailor their 4d scan to the budget and options they want. The 4D growth scan includes the growth report, a feature many unregulated 4d baby scan companies omit, complimentary sexing of the baby and one, optional complimentary rescan if the baby's position is not favourable on the day of the appointment.

Clients can also choose from 2 options to "bundle when booking" and save on the total scan package price.
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