December '03 - 4D Bonding Scan is born.

December Building on the success of Babybond’s private antenatal scanning services over the last 4 years, the company has taken delivery of the latest ultrasound imaging technology and created a new service for pregnant parents.

Called the “4D Bonding Scan”, the service provides a well being check and the opportunity to see their baby moving in 4D (3D + the 4th dimension being time). Unlike the regular, black and white (2D) ultrasound images, 4D scans are shown as “surface-rendered” (like an artist shades a portrait) with recognizable features and gestures.
A range of recording media such DVD and CD and colour prints are also included.
Whilst 2D ultrasound is likely to remain the principle modality for the diagnostic element of a scan, Babybond believes the 4D imaging aspect will prove popular with parents and will adopt it as an integral part of its services going forward.
The company hopes to roll out locations across the UK over the coming years following the successful completion of its franchise pilot scheme.
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