February '11 - Ultrasound Direct web platform goes live.

February After 18 month’s of development, Women, Men and Pregnant Parents can now search, choose and book their private ultrasound appointments online, 24/7, with the new ultrasound-direct.com® web platform.

With 45 community placed clinics and still growing, ultrasound direct offers the largest choice of private ultrasound appointments in the UK. The company’s 12-year established business model is built on self-pay, self-referred and health care professional referred clients.
The ultrasound direct platform includes a recognised clinical framework for first-line ultrasound services and quality assurance tools for a wide area Sonographer network.
Benefits to clients can include earlier reassurance, reduced waiting times, the detection or elimination of various conditions, convenient clinic locations in the community, longer appointment times, greater affordability and results in most cases given out on the day – all through a simple to use and secure online booking process.

Ultrasound direct represents another milestone in the company’s long history of innovation within the market with further, useful ultrasound applications being added to the platform during the next year.
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