June '15 – from “scan media to social media” in high definition ultrasound

June Ultrasound Direct’s Babybond® 4D Bonding Scan options have been updated to include USB memory sticks with mini-clips making it easier for clients to keep, transfer and upload their 4D scan images and clips without losing resolution.

Clients have wanted their ultrasound scan movies in original high resolution on portable media for many years. Most providers compromise and only offer video recordings on DVD's that degrade the original movie file quality. With the desire to post short movie clips to social network sites, DVD’s also present the hassle of having to edit the movie, potentially degrading quality still further.

Compared to DVD, the Babybond® 4GB magenta USB memory-stick with 4D mini-clips offers the following benefit:

• The original export resolution movies
• A portable, physical storage media of movies to take home on the day without compressing original files like many “cloud upload” solutions
• Compatibility with virtually all devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops and HD TVs
• Mini-clips are great for posting online; from the “ultrasound scan media to social media networks” without any compromise

DVD's will still remain available with the Babybond® 4D bonding scan for clients who still want the more traditional recording media.
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