Mar '15 – Tenth National Franchisee Meeting in Manchester

Mar The tenth national franchisee group meeting was held at the prestigious Manchester Hilton, Deansgate, where the development strategy of the Company for the next few years was unveiled. 

The theme, “Developing the Next Generation”, connects directly with the ultrasound direct and babybond® brand vision and without doubt puts people at the centre of the company. 

“Customer obsession plus employee and manager buy-in may sound cliché, but if you can remain focused on these key factors and develop the people and tools to offer more choice, there’s no reason why more customer health needs shouldn’t benefit from our values” commented co-founder Mike Steward.

As well as developments, the recent customer survey was also reviewed with each of the franchise Directors in detail at the meeting.

Ultrasound Direct has carefully developed a select group of franchisees and a unique technical platform to deliver ultrasound services across the UK. Some franchisees are now into their 14th year of trading and all are now preparing for their next phase of growth.
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