Dec '14 – co-founder to present at BMUS 2014 scientific meeting

Dec Mike Steward, co-founder of Ultrasound Direct Ltd, has been invited to present the Company’s experience to date in the NHS Any Qualified Provider (AQP) program for providing ultrasound in the community for GP direct access referral.

Although (AQP) currently represents a minority percentage of the company’s work, Ultrasound Direct is the most successful UK business to ‘scale’ ultrasound services outside of the NHS.

“The presentation confirms that a well managed private provider can match or exceed the scaling and quality of service of a large public department whilst keeping in budget. Indeed, Ultrasound Direct can demonstrate an unsurpassed trading and innovation history for handling fragmented referrals in community settings in an efficient way.” 

Also discussed is the fact that many small, life style businesses are already active in the AQP program. “Whilst local ownership (of a small lifestyle ultrasound service business) has many merits, their vulnerability and often transient nature can lead to frustration for local commissioners going through the tendering process”

Ultrasound Direct Ltd has identified that many efficiency tools do not yet exist for community ultrasound and will start its most ambitious phase of investment to develop these from 2015 yielding further innovations for community ultrasound services.

Further details about the BMUS 2014 46th annual scientific meeting can be found here.
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