March '14 - The first ultrasoundHD™ 4D scans in Kiddicare

March Maintaining its leading position in the UK for quality 3D and 4D baby scans, Ultrasound Direct has introduced the first high definition scan services into Kiddicare.

Unlike "non-diagnostic scans" that do not comply with either the HPA statement or professional safety guidelines, all Babybond® 3D/4D baby scans and gender scans include at least a well being check and the healthcare professionals who perform the scans are qualified to provide professional ultrasound reports for maintaining essential continuity of care during a woman’s pregnancy when required.

Ultrasound Direct was the first to introduce private pregnancy scans and 4D scans in Kiddicare in 2010 and also offers a full range of women’s health scans for family planning and well being amongst other ultrasound scans in Peterborough.

From the moment clients book with Ultrasound Direct’s unique booking system for private scans, they are reassured in the knowledge that they are making their appointment with a company managed by ultrasound healthcare professionals.
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