August '94 - Window to the Womb using Ultrasound.

August Two UK ultrasound healthcare professionals found themselves in a unique position in August of 1994.

Jan Steward, a Radiographer with a Diploma in Medical Ultrasound was 25 weeks pregnant. Her husband, Mike, was working on the integration of 3D ultrasound into conventional 2D ultrasound systems. The couple were working for the same ultrasound company and saw an opportunity presenting itself that could not be missed.

Using a Diasonics Prisma ultrasound system and a TomTec 3D ultrasound probe attachment and offline data analyzer, the remarkable picture you see here is of the couple’s eldest daughter.

The technology back then meant that both mum and baby had to be perfectly still for 30 seconds whilst the ultrasound probe acquired the information – any movement and the scan data would be unusable. But although the scanning time for mum and baby was short, this was just the start of the process. The data set then had to be navigated and each surface image rendered. These offline processes took 2 HOURS to produce each image frame with the computers available in 1994.

When the couple first saw their baby’s picture, they knew they had created something special and called it their “window to the womb”.

Today’s 4D scans render images thousands of times faster producing the wonderful 3D and 4D baby scans you can book here instantly online .

You could say another baby was conceived at that first moment in August 1994 when the first sparks of innovation were beginning to flicker.

Only this particular baby would grow into the UK’s leading innovator in ultrasound scan services pioneering such things as self-referred self-pay ultrasound scans on the high street, franchising an ultrasound scanning business and placing eCommerce into private scans, along with the many other recognised milestones you can find in these ultrasound news archives .
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