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Babybond® - the original private scan to see your baby

Ultrasound Direct is the largest private ultrasound provider set up by healthcare professionals in the UK and we are in your local area in and around the Midlands.

Identifying a genuine healthcare provider online for baby scans in the Midlands is not easy, so we trade mark protected BABYBOND® and our logo in 1998. You won't find these on any competitor's site and they are your assurance of our values and their benefits to you:

  • External auditing by the healthcare regulator and we have attained NHS provider status. We rigorously apply these standards to our full range of private ultrasound scans 
  • Largest choice of 3D/4D baby scans and gender baby scans in Derby, Lincoln, Market Harborough, Kettering, Nottingham and Warwick, all bookable online 24/7
  • Comprehensive range of pregnancy scans including early pregnancy, NIPT and Nuchal Translucency scan + blood test for screening and risk assessment for Downs syndrome
  • General abdominal, fertility, pelvic scans, vascular screening plus musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound; choose from a range of Women's and Men's health scans online now
  • Locally employed healthcare professionals who can act on their duty of care efficiently by sending reports securely online; part of our nationally recognised clinical pathway

New stunning ultrasoundHD™ in Derby, Kettering, LincolnMarket HarboroughNottingham and Warwick - superior accuracy for all 2D/3D/4D scans at no extra charge - learn more

Pregnancy scans, Men's and Women’s health scans in the Midlands: