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Limited time offer for Gender Baby Scans in Glasgow - our Babybond® just GENDER scan for just £30!!

Simply book your gender scan in Glasgow with us either online or by phone. After your appointment confirmation, you’ll receive a further email waiving the £9 balance. That’s right - no more to pay towards your professional just GENDER baby scan.
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<i>just</i>GENDER scan deal, only £30

Our renowned 4D scans in Glasgow start at just £59 and are perfect for clients who want to cherish their pregnancy and get a glimpse of their unborn child. Compared to some other providers, we never charge a premium for your 4D scan in HD and if you would like a DVD or movie clip on USB of your baby scan, take a look at our 4D bonding scan range here.
Our service range for pregnancy ultrasound is further augmented with antenatal screening services such as Non Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT) and Nuchal Translucency (NT) in Glasgow for private scan clients.

We offer a full range of diagnostic and screening ultrasound scans for both Women's and Men's Health including scans for fertility and family planning, vascular and prostate screenings, musculoskeletal (MSK) scans for RSI and sports injury assessments.

Ultrasound Direct is different from any other baby scan practice in Scotland; we are the only one operating that is externally audited by an official regulator to NHS provider status and we apply these standards to our full range of private Pregnancy, Women’s and Men’s ultrasound scan services.

Our local team has more than 10 years' experience providing private ultrasound in Scotland and operate the very latest HD ultrasound systems in both our Glasgow and Aberdeen ultrasound clinics.

Book today and see why more people book their ultrasound directly with us and feel the benefit of a professional appointment with the originators of baby scans in Scotland.

Glasgow contact information

Address: 40 Berkeley Street, Glasgow, G3 7BW

Telephone: 01506 415215

Email: Contact Glasgow

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Stirling 28 miles
Livingston 32 miles

Situated on the edge of both Glasgow City Centre and the Park district, our clinic is across the road from the iconic and famous Mitchel library and a short distance from the landmark intersection of Charing Cross.

Near to Kelvingrove Park, all transport links are close by with very convenient access to the M8 motorway, a short walk from the Charing Cross mainline station and easily accessible on main bus routes. The area benefits by having reduced parking charges at peak times and is free during off peak periods (evening and weekend).

Located ideally for those travelling by car, train or bus Ultrasound Direct Glasgow is the place to be for clients who need to undergo high quality, accurate, ultrasound scans for pregnancy, women's and men's health .

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Ultrasound scans performed at Glasgow

Pregnancy Scans

Mums-to-be who want to know that their pregnancy is doing well can check the list of pregnancy scans.

Women Scans

Ultrasound scans are not only for the pregnant. Women’s scans can go a long way in health evaluation.

Men Scans

Ultrasound scans can also benefit men. Men’s scans can diagnose a wide array of detrimental conditions.

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