Ultrasound scans in Chester

Ultrasound Direct Chester is in a class of its own, not only because of its state-of-the-art 2D, 3D, and 4D baby scans in ultrasoundHD , but also because of its highly-skilled and friendly Sonographers with diagnostic obstetric scanning experience.

While there are other ultrasound clinics offering 4D baby scans in the Chester area, Ultrasound Direct Chester is the only one that offers quality 4D scan service at a very affordable price including ultrasoundHD. At £59.00, clients can enjoy an ultrasound baby scan that includes a well-being check and souvenir pictures from a 4D scan.

Aside from pregnancy scans, Ultrasound Direct Chester also offers women scans and men scans.

Chester contact information

Address: Bank House, 47B Hoole Road, Chester, CH2 3NH (GPS)CH2 3BD

Telephone: 0161 860 6161

Email: Contact Chester

Other Ultrasound Direct locations near Chester

Warrington 20 miles
Liverpool 27 miles

Situated in one of the North West’s most captivating cities, Ultrasound Direct Chester offers a wide range of ultrasound services that include pregnancy, women, and men scans. It has evening as well as weekend appointments and parking is free.

Getting to Ultrasound Direct Chester is easy and you can even explore the beautiful city of Chester and checkout the alluring landmarks that it boasts.

It is only a 40 minute drive from both Manchester and Liverpool airports. Also, the city itself is directly linked to the national motorway system via the M53 motorway.

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Ultrasound scans performed at Chester

Pregnancy Scans

Mums-to-be who want to know that their pregnancy is doing well can check the list of pregnancy scans.

Women Scans

Ultrasound scans are not only for the pregnant. Women’s scans can go a long way in health evaluation.

Men Scans

Ultrasound scans can also benefit men. Men’s scans can diagnose a wide array of detrimental conditions.

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