Cervical Length Scan


(Inclusive of all fees)

16 to 40 weeks

Available to women from 16 years of age.

This ultrasound scan is recommended especially for women with a history of late miscarriage or multiple pregnancy. It will be performed trans-vaginally to obtain optimum clarity and results.

Available from 16 weeks gestation, this scan can be part of a monitoring process for premature labour prevention.

Pregnancy Scan - Cervical Length Scan in black and White

Primary purpose of the scan

We will perform an internal scan to:

  • Accurately measure the length of your cervix
  • Look for any signs of an incompetent cervix where it begins to dilate
  • Provide a Babybond well–being checklist report including 2D ultrasound b/w prints in sleeve of your baby

Common examples for having this ultrasound scan are:

  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Previous history of late miscarriage or premature birth
  • If you have had previous surgery on your cervix

We will provide a Songrapher report at the time with a Medical Follow Up Recommendation if necessary.

See our FAQ page if you would like to know more about any of our scans.

Pre-scan preparation

A trans-vaginal scan with consent.

Need to expose lower part of abdomen so ideally wear 2 piece garments i.e trousers or skirt and top.

Please empty your bladder prior to examination.

Maintain normal medication.

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